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Egypt is undenialbly one of the worlds great travel destinations and many of its wondrous sights need no introduction.

Climate & Best Time To Go

From December to February, lower Egypt (Cario and North) is often overcast and chilly, with regular downpours of rain in Alexandria and below zero temperatures at night in Sinai, while upper Egypt (south of Cairo) is warm with clear blue skies.
Between Jun and September, temperatures range from 31 Degrees C on the Mediteranian coast to an unbearable 50 Degrees C in Aswan.
The best time to visit is in spring (March to April) or autumn (October and November) when you should pack for hot weather in the south and include a ligh jacket for the north.


Cairo (Cairo Hotels) - Witness life and death in epic proportions in this carpet-weaving, film making city of pyramids.